Academic Affairs Committee

Committee Description:

The Academic Affairs Committee designs and executes projects that may be classified under a range of categories, including, but not limited to, the following: Professors, Advising, Courses, Grading Scale, Academic Ethics and Rigor, and Facilities. In addition, the Academic Affairs Committee encourages conversations between colleges, faculty, administration and students to support these projects and strengthen JMU’s academic culture and scholarly impact.

Achievements and Events:

  • Conduct annual in-class surveys for issues/questions/comments/suggestions
  • Collaborate with the Administrative Academic Affairs division, assisting in any way possible
  • Work with the Madison Advising Peers, aiding with publicity and determining  students’ needs
  • Show gratitude to Professors through Professor Appreciation Week(s), a time when students can use provided stationery to write personal thank you notes to their professors, which the committee then delivers
  • Push for the expansion of JMU’s ASL program by attempts to enrich the JMU Deaf culture
  • Aided the Administration on the Academic Rigor Project
        • Discussed the concept of Academic Rigor with Professors and Administrators to assess and improve JMU’s academic culture
        • As a committee, attended a presentation given by Ken Bain entitled “Deep Learning: What the Best College Students Do,” to learn and possibly adapt external methods of Academic Rigor to JMU
        • Wrote and submitted a report to Dr. Rose and other Administrators, delineating an assessment of JMU’s current Academic Rigor with suggestions for how higher standards could be reached
        • Met with the Orientation Coordinators to suggest certain changes to 1787 week that would better impress our academic culture upon the incoming JMU student

    Planned events for the coming school year that would complement our growing academic culture


Committee Chair:



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