Vice President–Kaitlin Thomas







What is the reason you ran for this position?

I first joined Student Government my freshman year was to become involved. The reason why I stayed was to make a difference. I never imagined being Student Body Vice President until the end of my sophomore year when I saw that I could inspire others. Serving others is a passion of mine and I can do that by being Vice President. This is a way for me to “be the change” and “make my mark on Madison.”

What do you want to see done differently between SGA and the students?

I want to change the culture that student and administration have. You hear many students on campus saying, “Administration don’t listen,” and hear administration ask, “What do the students want.” To me it sounds like there are a lot of channels that can and should be utilized when communicating between both groups. Another thing I want to see differently next year is students coming to Student Government when they see a problem on campus. When students see a faulty step or want buffalo mash to be served more often, I want students to know that if they come to Student Government, we can help fix their problems.

What is your favorite place on JMU’s campus?

It’s odd; my favorite place on campus is on Taylor Hall. There are a variety of different places I like within Taylor Hall. TDU has a great atmosphere and I love when UPB brings in different bands. And on the 4th floor of Taylor there is seating up there that looks out the window towards Warren and D-Hall. It’s quiet and a great place to study in between meetings and classes.

What is your favorite memory at JMU so far?

I have had so many great memories at JMU and each one of them is special in their own way. I think one of my favorite memories has to be when I saw the final design of the Class of 2015 ring. I remember our first meeting was telling the designer what we envisioned and the second meeting was the reveal. The anticipation of seeing what the designer illustrated was the worst. Having to wait 24 hours to see the design did not seem fair. But when I saw that ring design, it was indescribable. I had never felt so much JMU pride before. To be part of this JMU tradition and the team who designed my class ring was an amazing feeling.

Where were you when you found out you had won?

I was on the 4th floor of Taylor Hall with my boyfriend and best friend studying for a Finance test I had the next day. I don’t know what was more nerve-racking the test or the results. I just remember sinking to the floor when I heard, “Congratulations, you won!” I was so excited that I forgot to study for the rest of the night. Good thing I aced the test!






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