Legislative Action Committee

Committee Description:

Legislative Action is the political arm of the Student Government Association. Our mission is to be the collective voice for students on platforms they may not be able to reach by themselves, such as the President’s office, Harrisonburg City Council, state legislature and Capitol Hill. We create strong relationships with key members of the community, focus our energies on long-term projects with long-lasting effects, and strive to get students involved in and informed about national or international issues, outside of the JMU bubble.

Achievements and Events:

You Can’t Be Legislative Without Action

We kicked off the fall semester with a trip to the White House, representing JMU to watch the screening of Obama’s speech on the Jobs Package and attended the student town hall directly after where we interacted and networked with economic advisers and panelists.

After learning that student debt and financial aid were some of the student body’s top concerns from SGA’s Student Engagement week, we began working with Virginia 21 and their “What’s Your Number?” campaign and rallied signatures to spread the word about students’ financial troubles. As the spring semester began, we initiated talks with professors in the College of Business about incorporating more financial literacy skills into general education classes, as well as implementing educational events during orientation and the school year.  In the process, some Leg. Action members joined the new cross-divisional Financial Education Committee, where they plan to coordinate initiatives that enhance lifelong financial literacy and responsibility for the current and prospective JMU Community.  We helped form the new cross-divisional JMU Financial Education Committee with administrators across the university, and began work to start up a new scholarship for students.

Outside of the University, Leg Action had two very successful lobbying trips in Richmond and Washington, D.C. where we rallied for action on student loans and debt and more funding for higher education.  As the republican primaries neared, committee members held a table in Festival with voter registration forms available for several states, encouraging students to cast their votes and really ‘be the change.’ Throughout it all, we made valuable, long-lasting connections with alumni, city council members, administrators and Senators and Delegates.


Committee Chair:



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