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The Student Body President is the de facto official face and voice of the student body to all external and internal entities, and chief executive of the Student Government Association.

Though I would rather most of my time be spent with student groups and attending student events, maintaining solid relationships with the university, local, state, and national governments also requires a significant amount of effort.

I often separate my duties into two roles:


Student Body President–

-provide general leadership and direction to student body and its existing structures

-be a source of unity, information, and identification for JMU students

-be a visible student leader by remaining outspoken on major issues, and organizing or attending major university events

-consistent outreach and coordination to students and student organizations

-responsible for representing and/or interpreting voice of JMU students

SGA President–

-provide leadership, stability, and direction for the SGA.

-facilitate and direct executive council of SGA

-manage and direct executive staff of SGA

-develop and create opportunities for SGA members to make an impact

-conduct regular communication with JMU top administration and Board of Visitors

-increase working relationships with local, state, and federal governments

-serve as sitting member of numerous university boards and committees


These are two roles wrapped into one job- JMU Student Body President.

As one might expect, the position requires a lot of time.  While prestigious, the job is entirely grounded in service to the JMU community and any prospective candidates should keep that in mind. More than any other experience in my life, my service as Student Body president has afforded me the most incredible opportunities to learn and grow into my future role as an educated and enlightened citizen.



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