2014 Minor Election Candidate Platforms

Class Council

Class of 2015


Lauren Holder

LaurenAfter serving as freshman class Vice-President, and then sophomore and junior class President, I feel fully prepared and ready to take on the role of senior class President for the class of 2015. I want to take my experience planning unifying events such as Ring Premiere, Ring Ceremony, and Tree Lighting, as well as educational events like How to Be Successful at JMU and So You Want To Be An Intern, to plan events for the Class of 2015 in our Senior Year.

I plan to continue the tradition of Senior Graduation Countdown Nights, working with restaurants and other downtown venues to provide entertainment and special dining opportunities for Seniors. I also plan to continue senior Dhall night, senior t-shirt design and sales, A senior football tailgate, and then a senior picnic and candle lighting ceremony in the spring closer to graduation.

Outside of continuing what has been done well in the past, I would like to put together and send out contact information for seniors attending the same graduate schools. This way, alumni dukes can meet up with one another in their graduate education programs and still feel connected to their Alma Mater.

I also hope to work closely with the Alumni Association, to make our transition from undergraduates to alumni of this amazing university an easy and exciting process, whether this is accomplished through tours of the unseen sections of Bridgeforth Stadium, or starting a culture of giving back among our class!

Vice President

Courtney Herb

Courtney HerbI, Courtney Herb, am running for the position of Senior Class Vice President for the 2014-2015 academic school year. As my final year at James Madison draws closer, I am incredibly excited to celebrate and give back to my class, as well as to this wonderful university. I have proposed a few points that I would like to implement should I be elected which are as follows:

Unify and celebrate the senior class through events and traditions

  • Help to plan and execute events that celebrate the senior class such as “100 Days to Graduation,” the senior candle lighting ceremony, and the senior picnic.
  • Work with the Department of Athletics to coordinate stadium tours for seniors, as well as meet and greet events with Coach Withers and his new staff.
  • Help design and create a senior class t-shirt that will be sold as a memento for the Class of 2015 to remember their time at JMU

Plan and execute 2015 commencement ceremonies

  • Aid in the application process as well as the ultimate choosing of the 2015 student commencement speaker
  • Listen to the student voice for opinions on graduation speakers and overall ceremony activities via social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Create additional commencement traditions that can be implemented for years to come

Cooperate and support fellow senior class council members

  • Actively participate in the brainstorming and planning efforts for all events, both traditional and new
  • Assist the President in any duties he/she may designate
  • Work collaboratively with the team to successfully complete all tasks



Class of 2016


Vice President


Brianna Hogan



Class of 2017


Victoria Atkins

Tory AtkinsTo continue providing the same traditions and events to the Class of 2017, and to add on events and traditions that the class would like to see. The Class Council of the Class of 2017, in its entirety, is running for reelection as a ticket. We are unified in our goal to represent and work for the student body of the Class of 2017 to the best of our ability.




Chase Maszle

Chase MaszleHello–my name is Chase Maszle, and I would be honored to serve as your Class of 2017 President here at JMU. I am a College of Business and SMAD major, a member of the Marching Royal Dukes and an avid advocate for my fellow Dukes here at the university. Additionally, I’ve felt blessed and humbled by the talents and aspirations of many of you, who collectively I’ve come to know as one of the most capable student bodies to ever pass through James Madison. Over the past semester, I have completely adapted to living the college lifestyle, and I am ready to serve you in office for Student Government. Together, I feel we can do more, become more, and of course…Be the Change.


The Class President serves to preside over class council meetings and activities. The position, for sophomore year will also be to play a major part in planning larger events, one of which will include the class ring release. Class President also helps to serve as a liaison between the Student Community and Administration through the channels of the Student Government Association.

Throughout my journey with SGA, I plan to advocate FOR YOU by doing the following:

TRANSPARENCY: Transparency in office is perhaps one of the most important characteristics to fostering trust between you and me, as your officer and representative. If you have suggestions, I feel it’s my duty to make myself accessible to you so that I can help address your comments or concerns, or help point you in the direction to someone that can help. My personal cell number is 412-722-2455.

UNITY: As I began my journey in campaigning, I discovered that many of us wish to get involved here on campus. I feel it is important to engage the students who wish to get involved here at JMU. Communication through multiple outlets is important, and I would be sure that necessary but not excessive communication is made to our class about things that are happening on campus without having to check one hundred different websites. We will focus on clear messages across strong, relevant channels to keep us all informed and engaged.

FEEDBACK: There may be events that you liked, and others–not so much. Nonetheless, it will be a major goal to collect data on what we’ve done, and what events we’ve put on for you. Analyzing and receiving criticism from the past is a great way to improve our future. So by all means, allow us to hear your voice—it’s our most valuable asset in Student Government.

PASSION FOR CHANGE: JMU is a dynamic University, always on the move. We need to be the voice of the University. Some of the issues that I plan to focus on include:

  • Hours of dining facilities for better convenience based on location
  • A safety and security seminar to make students aware of dangers and solutions to safety concerns
  • Streamlined communication of university sponsored events—Movies, UREC, TDU, Activities, etc.
  • Better awareness of places for quiet study
  • A MyResearch tab on MyMadison—to better enhance your awareness of campus-bought resources
  • Filtered email program so that you don’t get unnecessary and excessive emails


Vice President

Shane Van Hoy

Shane Van Hoy

To continue bringing our outgoing personalities, school spirit, diverse backgrounds, and skills to improve the bonding experience of the Class of 2017 through events.







Sydney Moreland

Sydney MorelandAs members of freshman class council we will strive to continue bringing our outgoing personalities, school spirit, diverse backgrounds, and skills to improve the bonding experience of the Class of 2017 through events.






Jenna Anderson

Jenna AndersonBecause of the previous experience of myself and the current class council of 2017 our platform to continue bringing our outgoing personalities, school spirit, diverse backgrounds, and skills to improve the unity of the Class of 2017 through events.





Academic College Senators

College of Health and Behavioral Studies

Johanna Madero

Johanna MaderoAs a Health Science major and previous representative and at-large senator for the Student Government, I strive to become an outstanding and dedicated senator for the College of Science and Mathematics. My strong organizational, listening, and strategic skills that I developed over the past two years years will help me become a better academic senator as I enter my third year at James Madison University.

College of Business

Cassandra Neville 

Casey NevilleAs College of Business Senator I will work as an ambassador for the students to the College of Business. I will use my prior knowledge and work in Student Government to address issues that may arise with the College of business students. I plan to hold town hall meetings to meet with business students and gather all their input. By working alongside all aspects of the College of Business, I will do my best to ensure that all students enjoy their academic experiences.



College of Integrated Science and Technology  (ISAT)


College of Math and Science

College of Arts and Letters

College of Education

College of Visual and Performing Arts 

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