#SGAlove #SGAappreciation –Rachel Fisher

            When I joined Student Government at the end of my freshmen year, elected as Class of 2015 treasurer, I wasn’t expecting it to become central to my Madison Experience. It’s where I’ve found my best friends, learned about leadership, and grown as a person.

            Before joining, I didn’t know what Student Government really did. I knew that class council was the unifying branch for each class, but I was pleasantly surprised by the reach SGA had across campus and Harrisonburg. I learned quickly, and became extremely passionate about the organization I once knew nothing about. With the goal of spreading the knowledge I gained to reach more students, I ran for and was elected Executive Treasurer.

            The steps I’ve taken wouldn’t have happened without the outstretched hand of an SGA member empowering me to take on more leadership. Each step of the way, I was supported by the people I’ve met. I’ve gained invaluable leadership skills that I transfer to every aspect of my life. I aim to pay it forward every day, and that starts with awareness.

            SGA is currently in the middle of it’s awareness month. I’ve seen SGA’s impact all across campus, but not everyone has. One of the amazing ways we make a difference is through providing funds for events. We help around 100 clubs and organizations put on events, go to conferences, or host speakers and performers. The odds are pretty high that we’ve touched almost every student at JMU.

            But do those students know who we are? We want to change that. We are the voice of students to make changes. In order to fulfill that, everyone should know who to speak to. Senators, representatives, and executive staff and council wear polos sporting our new logo on the first Tuesday of every month. We hold events on campus regularly, and can often be found in Taylor and Warren Halls on our way to and from the SGA office (Taylor 203). The people in this organization are some of the most genuine and kind people I know. If you see an SGA member, tell them what you’d like to see!

            The best place to find us between now and February 14th is at tables on the Commons and in Festival. We’ll be promoting awareness for SGA month so that we can reach every student, if we haven’t already. Don’t worry if you miss us, though! You can always see us on your favorite social media to stay updated on what we’re doing to better serve you.


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