Stuck in the Spring Semester Rut

Well, we did it! We made it through the fall semester with our sanity and, if you’re lucky, you even made it out with flying colors. With two weeks of the spring semester under our belts, it’s beginning to look like 2014 will be the best year yet. However, I don’t know about you guys, Dukes, but I’ve had a hard time getting back into the swing of things this semester. Trying to find the rhythm has been harder than ever. It could be due to the MLK holiday and snow day we just had, but let’s just leave it at that the struggle is real. So, in light of all of this, I’ve come up with some tips to help students get focused and ready for another great semester!

First, get a planner. With the New Year, you will probably need a new planner. Use this as your lifeline. Write all assignments, quizzes, tests, and homework in this. It will help you organize all of your meetings, due dates, and extracurricular activities in one place. Trust me when I say this, planners help to ease your anxiety about schoolwork and time commitments when used regularly.

Second, find a study buddy. Study buddies are helpful in several ways. A study buddy, when taken seriously, can help you remember class material in ways that you may not have thought of. A new outlook on the material can help you to better remember the material for the final! In addition to a new outlook on material, study buddies can be there to help guilt you into going to the library. This may seem like a weird way to think about a study buddy, but you are more inclined to follow through with going to the library when someone else is relying on you to study with. Added bonus of a study buddy: they are always there for a quick run to Starbucks for a coffee break!

Third, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Let’s be honest, this is already one of your New Year’s Resolutions anyways, so follow through with it. Eating healthier and exercising regularly will give you more energy. Having more energy will in turn allow you to find that extra hour to write that paper you may have forgot about until the night before. In addition to having more energy, you will also be happier! Being in a happy mood will help keep your morale up throughout the semester.

I hope you find these tips helpful! Let’s have a great spring semester, Dukes!


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