Coming Soon: JMU’s One Stop Shop


Photo Credit- James Madison University

While most people have heard about the construction going on, many JMU students are unaware of what the building on North Campus will be used for. On West Grace Street in Harrisonburg, JMU is undergoing construction on what is more commonly referred to as the old hospital, Rockingham Memorial Hospital. After the construction and renovations are completed, this building will be the new home of the Student Success Center. What exactly is a Student Success Center, you ask? Good question. JMU staff is calling it the one-stop shop for students’ needs.

Departments including Financial Aid, Card Services, Judicial Affairs, Disability Services, Orientation, and so much more will be housed in this success center. The main purpose: student service, student health, and student learning.

The Student Success Center will be completely open for business starting in August 2014. This new building is going to be completely state-of-the-art. While most buildings on campus focus mainly on the color purple, this new building will be decked out in our other JMU color: gold. The building’s layout will be both aesthetically appealing as well as engaging. Each “nook and cranny” has been well thought out to meet the needs of students.

The University Health Center will be the first section to open and is set due to open mid-March 2014. The health center will be the only department in the building that has two levels. It will incorporate advanced technology to better serve students, including JMU’s very own pharmacy and ambulance!

There have been rumors circulating about a new dining hall in the success center. Good news: it is, in fact, real! JMU Dining Services Marketing Manager, Angela Ritchie, confirms the new dining location will include authentic fresh made pasta, a chophouse, Vietnamese options, and a convenience market. Diners can order off the chophouse and pasta menus for a table service experience similar to Madison Grill or order their options to go. There will be outdoor seating available that overlooks the courtyard, aptly named Madison Square.

Although the dining hall is exciting enough, one of the more anticipated additions to JMU’s dining locations will be the Dunkin’ Donuts! Dunkin’ Donuts promises to be a crowd pleaser on campus because who doesn’t love a warm, freshly baked donut on a cold Harrisonburg afternoon? The Dunkin’ Donuts will draw students into the building and the goal is that students will explore beyond the donut shop upon entering.

To say that this is all the new Student Success Center has to offer would be a complete understatement. The success center has so many benefits that cannot simply be written in one blog post. However, until the grand opening, we hope that you are as excited about the success center as we are!


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