Purple Out F.A.Q.


If this list does not answer your questions, please contact us at sga@jmu.edu

What are the details for the event?

Purple Out will be on Monday, October 28 at 5:00 pm. This year, it will be held on Festival Lawn. President Alger will be there to kick-off shirt distribution. There will be music and food in addition to shirts, so come by and enjoy the fun!

I have to work, have class or am otherwise unable to attend Purple Out, can I still receive a shirt?

Unfortunately, with the high demand of shirts, we are unable to accommodate all people with scheduling conflicts. Therefore, you must be able to attend Purple Out to receive a shirt. Scheduling conflicts include classes, work and organizations.

What if I missed it, can I still pick up my shirt?

If you missed it, unfortunately it went into the pile we hand out to people who did not reserve a shirt. If there are any leftover shirts, this will be advertised.

Can I pick the shirt up for my friend?

No, you cannot pick up a shirt for your friend. We need to ensure that every student is only receiving one shirt. Even if you have your friend’s JAC, only your JAC is going to obtain you a shirt. Again, any leftover shirts will be advertised.

What if I forgot my size?

Your size is printed on the confirmation e-mail that you received when you registered for a shirt. This confirmation MUST BE PRINTED in order for you to receive a shirt, so you will have no difficulty finding which line to stand in.
My registration said it went through, but I never received a confirmation email.

With the high traffic to the site, it sometimes doesn’t send out the confirmation email. If it said it went through, it did. Please bring your JAC card and just tell the attendants at the event. If you receive your email later on, as there is sometimes simply a delay, please bring that with you. DO NOT REGISTER TWICE.

If I didn’t reserve a shirt, can I still get one?

We cannot guarantee it, but at 6:30p, we will be handing out shirts to students who have not registered. These shirts will be handed out on a first come, first serve basis.

Why aren’t there enough shirts for everyone?

While we would love to be able to hand out shirts to everyone, we only have a finite budget. Therefore, we can only order enough for about 1/4 of the JMU community. These shirts are proportionally distributed among the various sizes. There may be opportunities later in the week to get leftover shirts, we will advertise these events as they arise.


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