2013 Graduation Speakers!!!

Class of 2013,

Can you believe our time as undergraduates at JMU is finally coming to an end? We’ve almost made it through all of our exams, and for some of us, our very lasts tests ever. With our final semester coming to a close, I want to be the first to congratulate you on all of your accomplishments. Take pride in how far you have come and how much farther you will go!

With graduation approaching so rapidly, it may seem like our time and connection to JMU is coming to a fast end. As we become the newest batch of JMU alumni, let us not forget that we are leaving one community to join another; to become part of something greater, forever bonded by the effects that our alma mater has had on us. I like to say that ending is our “on-campus experience”, because being a Duke is a lifelong commitment. As you go on to make decisions in life, the effects of JMU will show their presence in unexpected ways, reminding you that being a Duke does not stop with being a student.

There is a great sense of pride that comes with being a JMU alum, and I believe that there is no better person to help us make the transition than someone who has experienced these exact moments before. With that being said, it is with pride that I announce to you the Class of 2013 commencement speaker: Mr. Mike Rayburn. A JMU alumnus, captivating speaker, comedian, and world-class musician, Mr. Rayburn is delighted to join us in our special day in celebration of our joining another sacred part of the JMU community. Carrying the Madison spirit with him wherever he goes, Mr. Rayburn has performed at Carnegie Hall and has been featured in various magazines including USA Today, Newsweek, Billboard and more! (To learn more about our keynote speaker, visit http://www.mikerayburn.com)

In addition to Mr. Rayburn, we are also proud to announce Matt Wisniewski as our student graduation speaker. After an intensive process, Matt was chosen by a group of peers to represent our class at our convocation ceremony. Matt is involved in multiple on-campus organizations and has served in leadership roles in both Student Ambassadors and Orientation. We look forward to hearing Matt’s message!

As your final weeks as students come to a close, allow yourself to take the time to enjoy each moment at is passes and embrace the opportunities around you. You may never remember every detail you learn in a specific class, but you will never forget the way you felt when you pushed off studying to lie on the Quad with friends, when you left the library early to catch a movie with your roommates, or when you decided that maybe those powerpoints that needed to be reviewed “right away” just weren’t as important as one last D-Hall lunch.

Best of luck as you finish up your on-campus experience.

In the spirit of Madison,

Meredith Wood

Class of 2013 President

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