Minor Elections Winners

SGA is excited to announce the newly elected Class Council and College senators!

Class of 2014 Class Council

Senior President:            Alicia Pettis

Senior VP:                        Amberlee Taylor

Senior Treasurer:          Sara Wigglesworth

Senior Secretary:          Megan Gibbons

Class of 2015 Class Council

Junior President:          Lauren Holder

Junior VP:                       Rachel Francis

Junior Treasurer:         Amalia Riess

Junior Secretary:         Molly Hoffmaster

Class of 2016 Class Council

Soph Pres:                        Josh Gordon

Soph VP:                           Michael Jacob (MJ)

Soph Treasurer:             Brianna Hogan

Soph Secretary:             Ethan Best

College of Arts and Letters

CoAL Senator:                David Scala

CoAL Senator:               Courtney Herb

CoAL Senator:              Taylor Vollman

CoAL Senator:              Nicholas Maggio

CoAL Senator:              Justin Tarbell

College of Integrated Science and Technology

CISAT Senator:           Donny Al-Karagholi

College of Business

CoB Senator:                Kyle Folbrecht

College of Visual and Performing Arts

CoVP:                             J.P Riley

College of Math and Science

CMS:                              Ally Deal

CMS:                             Griffith Ridgway

CMS:                            Kaicee Klock

College of Education

CoE:                             Meredith Parker


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