Major Elections 2013

The SGA Major Elections mark the selection of the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Executive Treasurer and the Student Representative to the Board of Visitors. These elections will take place on March 27th at 7a.m. to March 28 at 7p.m. on Beinvolved.

How do you vote?

To vote, you first need to set up an account on BeInvolved. To do so, just head over to and it only takes a minute to create an account. When the polls open, just head over to, and click on the words “Vote Here” to vote.

Who do I vote for?

There are 2 presidential candidates, Alex Hostetter and Jake Jedlicka. There are also 2 vice presidential candidates, Mina Imbs and Vanessa Burshnic. However, Rachel Fisher is the only Executive  Treasurer candidate and Jacob Mosser is the only candidate for the Student Representative to the Board of Representatives.

Presidential Candidates:

Alex Hostetter


Alex’s Platform

Jake Jedlicka

Jake Jedlicka PictureJake’s Platform

Vice Presidential Candidates:

Mina Imbs

Mina Imbs PictureMina’s Platform

Vanessa Burshnic

Vanessa Campaign PortraitVanessa’s Platform

Executive Treasurer Candidate:

Rachel Fisher

Rachel Fisher Picture

Rachel’s Platform

Student Representative to the Board of Visitors Candidate:

Jacob Mosser

Jacob Mosser Picture

Jacob’s Platform

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