2015 Ring Premiere — Courtney Herb

On Tuesday, March 19th, the Class of 2015 will be welcome to attend Ring Premiere, an event taking place at 7pm in the Festival Ballroom. After months of work and preparation, a committee of carefully chosen sophomores is ready to unveil a class ring design they believe truly encompasses what it means to be a 2015 JMU Duke. Featuring a class and university side, each element on the ring holds meaning to members of the sophomore class, and shows how this unique group of people impacted the campus from day one. As one of only 20 universities that undergo an annual ring design, the chance to own such a personalized memento is yet another once in a lifetime opportunity that is provided by our unique Madison experience.  

                To honor this occasion, the celebration taking place inside Festival will feature just about everything a sophomore could ever want. There will be giveaways that include gift cards, T-shirts, and a coveted parking pass, performances by Exit 245 and Low Key, and food, even featuring a JMU favorite- Mac N Cheese bites.  To go along with the event’s sophisticated casino theme, entertainment will also include six black jack tables, with a guarantee that no player will walk away empty handed. With music provided by Party Cartel and an anticipated ring reveal as the finale, it’s hard to believe it’s all for free.   

                So for all the sophomores out there, bring your JACard on Tuesday for a night of food, friends, and fun that will truly be unforgettable.  After all, as the ring committee likes to say, “It’s hard to walk away from a winning class.”

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