Program Grant Applications Available

Program Grant Application Pt. 1

Program Grant Application Pt. 2

Though Spring has yet to descend upon JMU, it is already time to start thinking about what you are doing in the Fall of 2013.  SGA is once again providing Program Grants to student organizations with large scale events that have a campus wide impact, occurring in the fall semester.  Examples of past Program Grants include Relay for Life, Culture Shows, Symposiums, and many more.


Grants are awarded to Student Organizations under the Office of Student Activities and Involvement who have been registered and in good standing for 12 months.  Each organization can only receive a grant once per three semesters to ensure that a variety of groups have access to the funds.  You may request up to $5,000 by yourself, $7,500 when co-sponsoring with another organization, and $10,000 when three organizations collaborate on an event.


The application exists in two parts, a description of the organization and the event, as well as a break down of the group’s finances.  These two forms are available on the SGA BeInvolved page, as well as the SGA Website.  Fill out both forms and obtain the required signatures before submitting to the SGA office in Taylor 203.  Applications are due no later then 4:30pm Tuesday, March 26th.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the SGA Treasurer, Jake Jedlicka, at or stop by the office to see him. 


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