Major Elections Packet

Minor Elections Packet

Want to join SGA? Election Packets are currently available.

All packets, for Major and Minor Elections, are due by 5 p.m. on March 1st (the Friday before Spring Break).

Major Elections: 

  • Student Body President (This person will relay student concerns to the JMU administration, lead the Executive Council, oversee the Executive Staff, and give reports to both the Board of Visitors and the Student Senate)
  • Student Body Vice President (This person will serve as Director of Class Council, appoint students to University Commissions and Committees, relay student concerns to the JMU administration and take over Presidential duties should there be a vacancy in the position until a special election can be held)
  • Executive Treasurer (This person will draft the proposed SGA annual budget, display the updated budget for the Student Body, and draw money from the operating account)
  • Student Representative to the Board of Visitors (This person is not a member of SGA and serves on the Board of Visitors as a representative of the JMU Student Body)

Minor Elections:

  • Class Council (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary)
  1. President: Preside over and plan class council meetings and activities.
  2. Vice President: Preside over class council in the President’s absence, while assisting in the planning and facilitation of class activities. This person is also in charge of class council’s external communication and publicity.
  3. Treasurer: This person handles all monetary transactions and presents the records to the VP and SGA Treasurer.
  4. Secretary: Maintain attendance records and minutes for class council meetings.
  • College Senators: College senators will represent their respective colleges, attend all Student Senate and committee meetings, and have one vote in the Student Senate.

For any questions or concerns, email or contact the Elections Commissioner, Ryan Windels.


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