Apply to Elections Commission –Ryan Windels



Do you know what time of the year it is? IT’S ELECTION TIME! Elections here at JMU are broken into two categories. There are the Major Elections and the Minor Elections.

Major Elections are the elections for Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Executive Treasurer, and Student Representative to the Board of Visitors.

Minor Elections are for Class Council elections as well as College Senator elections.

In order to keep the elections process in check the student body president appoints an Election Commissioner. The commissioner’s job is to create a commission and supervise all election processes.

The elections commission can consist of up to nine members and not be less than five. The commission is made up of at least three SGA members, one honor council member, and one general student. Its main job is to assist the commissioner in enforcing the elections policy and advertising the elections.Even though a lot of the duties seem to be centered around enforcing the policy, it is just as important a duty to advertise for the election. The more people who vote, the better!

If you have any interest on being on the commission APPLY! Applications can be found on the SGA website and are due by noon on February 14th, 2013.

If you have any questions please send them to

— 2013 Elections Commissioner, Ryan Windels

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