SGA is Lobbying for YOU! –Adam Miner

This week, members of the JMU Student Government Association will be heading to Richmond to meet with the Virginia General Assembly. They will meet with Delegates and Senators for issues the students at JMU feel are most important to them. Top on the list is job prospects after graduation. SGA is supporting a bill that will give small businesses an incentive to hire graduates. House Bill 1303, introduced by Delegate Charnielle Herring of the 46th District, will give small businesses a $2,500 tax credit if they hire graduates of Virginia’s public colleges and create new jobs for them. Students across Virginia think this bill would be instrumental in getting them hired and on their way to a stable career. Another bill on the table for SGA is related to mental health. Senate Bill 1342, introduced by Senator Chapman Peterson of the 34th Senate District, concerns broadening the scope of mental health treatment and makes college clinics and hospitals more accessible for those needing treatment or counseling. Similarly House Bill 1609, introduced by Delegate Tim Hugo of the 40th District, deals with the same issue.

If you have any opinions, stories or suggestions about what we’re lobbying for now or in the future, feel free to comment, tweet, facebook or email us! We’d love to hear your voice!


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