Recap of So You Want To Be An Intern –Kaitlin Thomas

With the second semester in full swing, JMU students are searching for internships, advice on how to write a resume or how to clean up their social media.  On January 22nd, SGA’s Sophomore Class Council held “So You Want To Be An Intern” about finding internships and how to keep your social media professional.  The event went fantastic and a lot of quality information about how to become an intern was discussed.  Here are some tips that I selected and thought were most useful for anyone in college looking for an internship.

Katie Stolp discussing how and why to get an internship!

Katie Stolp discussing how and why to get an internship!

  • Be professional online and offline.  Living in a world full of technology, it is really easy for a business to find you and look up who you are as a person.
  • Resumes are something every person needs when applying for a job.   Keep your resume to one page and nothing more.  During an interview, you can elaborate more on what your resume briefly explains.  On your resume you should list where you attend school, your expected graduation date, major, any work experience you have done before, and any leadership positions you have held before.  Make sure you describe these fields with as much detail as possible. Keep high school information off.  That information does not apply to college now.  Remember that all resumes will look different. Hospitality Management majors might include they are SERVSAFE while an ISAT major might discuss his/her research and papers they have published.
  • Join Linked-In.  It is a professional site where you can upload your resume and make connections with colleagues, professors, and company employees.  Make sure you spend time on your profile and completely fill out all the sections.  It is the best way for your “connections” to get to know you.  And don’t forget to spell check!
  • Clean up your Facebook and Twitter.  We are in college now and are all on the road to find internships. Make sure you have appropriate photos, statuses, and “About Me” sections.  You might think it’s funny to have your job on Facebook as “professional JMU partier” but when you are looking for job it won’t be. Everything stays on the internet; even the information you deleted years ago.  If you are applying for an internship, that business might look at your Facebook or Twitter profile and see who you are before the interview or see how you act outside of an interview.  You don’t want them to see photos of you out drinking or being inappropriate. It can ruin your chances of getting the internship.
  • Career and Academic Planning has a website called Recruit-A-Duke.  ( )   It is designated for JMU Students looking for jobs.  You can post your resume and find jobs that you are qualified for. The jobs posted on here are from older JMU Dukes who are looking for current JMU Dukes as potential employees.   You can also schedule mock interviews through Recruit-A-Duke.

Hopefully this brief review will help you land the internship of your dreams.  For more information about internships and jobs, look on the Career and Academic Planning website.  (

Class of 2015 Council excited for "So You Want to be an Intern?"

Class of 2015 Council excited for “So You Want to be an Intern?”

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Your Sophomore Class Vice President,

Kaitlin Thomas

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