JMU Survival Guide to the End of the World

If the Mayans are correct, December 21, 2012 will mark the end of the world. However, the end of the world doesn’t necessarily need to mean the end of the Dukes! Here are just a few tips for JMU students to survive the possible impending apocalypse.

  1. Stock up on food! It’s not as though you will be using your JACards if widespread power outages occur, so double punch and empty your dining dollars and Flex accounts on food you can store.
  2. Gather clean water! Take the Shopper Bus to Walmart to buy up water bottles and new filters for your Brita pitchers, so you can have a stock pile of clean water. Grab your JMU water bottles, CamelBaks and free dining hall travel mugs to fill up, too!
  3. Grab your walking shoes! If the Mayans are right, you’ll be happy you have a split campus. All of those times trekking from East Campus to the Quad to Memorial, the constant walking will prepare you for the day walking is the one of the few modes of transportation. Grab your skate boards and bikes, too, but don’t forget your helmets.
  4. Make sure to stay warm! Put on your North Face or JMU fleece. Slide on your socks and Uggs or rain boots. If the world ends now, you may be a bit chilly. Any JMU quilts and blankets you have could come in handy.

If December 21st is our last day bleeding Purple and Gold, or any future apocalypse to follow, if you follow your JMU Survival Guide, you might just make it through!


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