A JMU Season’s Greetings

Dear Dukes,
Congratulations on completing and experiencing another wonderful fall semester at JMU filled with hard work inside and outside of the classroom, along with plenty of fond memories. After finishing your exams and looking back at the entirety of the semester, I hope you can say your time was well spent academically, civically, and amiably. 
Each semester I have invested in JMU has been unique from the rest, constantly transforming my overall Madison Experience. At the Annual Tree Lighting, I spoke about community being an action at JMU; we are a campus that is always stepping up to serve each other and the community. Similarly, I believe your Madison Experience is an action; you can mold and influence your experience with your own two hands or through cultivated relationships with others. Your Madison Experience is changing with each semester and each new day. I know you have even greater adventures and opportunities in store for you in the coming year. 
As we come to a closure to the fall semester and the year 2012, I want to thank you for your contributions to JMU in the last year. I also want to wish you and your families a safe and cheerful winter break.
Happy Holidays JMU!
Matt Klein
Student Body President

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