Why Madison? — Matt Klein

While every presidency or leadership position carries its own significance and positive experiences, Dr. Rose claimed his presidential opportunity surmounted not only those at JMU but the entire nation.  As the JMU community welcomed a new president to the university in this academic year, Mr. Alger soon began to realize the truth in Dr. Rose’s statement.  President Alger made it clear he intends to listen to all students, faculty, alumni, and community members in order to form a better understanding of what we have here at JMU and to identify areas where we can grow.  He truly seems to care about each individual he comes across and is genuinely ready to listen to those who have been impacted so immensely by this university.

With this transitioning leadership and focus on listening in the JMU community, we should all challenge ourselves to take a step back and listen to new ideas and perspectives in order to enhance our Madison Experiences.  Enter this year with an open mind – as it is our creed to ‘Be the Change’ at JMU.  Don’t be afraid to ask yourselves the hard questions while coming across new knowledge or old traditions.  However, never forget the soul reasons why you came to JMU and continuously fall in love with this university.

In fact, President Alger has been asking each JMU community member a similar question.  To gain some of his own perspective, President Alger has proposed a question and theme for his listening tour of ‘Why Madison?’  In this theme, Mr. Alger wants to hear all of the stories, traditions, and reasons to love JMU that come together to form the Madison Experience.  With his continued time and efforts with various people, Mr. Alger will truly understand what it means to be a Duke.  All of our feedback will help Mr. Alger create a vision for the future of JMU; it is important that we form this vision together as a community.  I look forward to seeing him learn and interact with the students and the Madison Way in this new academic year.

— Matt Klein, Student Body President

Tweet @matthew_klein for questions.

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