Presidential Platforms!

Do you know who you are voting for? If you need a little bit of help, here are their platforms, aside from all campaigning and debating.

Mitt Romney



Increase access to American alternative energy resources

Streamline the process to permit exploration and development of resources

Strengthen the coal industry


Give every family access to great schools and quality teachers

Provide access to affordable higher education options

Focus job training programs on building valuable skills in the workplace


Make the U.S. more competitive in the foreign market

Open new markets for American goods and services

Build stronger economic ties in Latin America

Promote and strengthen free enterprise around the world

Reduce National Debt

Cut 5% from the non-defense budget

Keep national spending at 20% of what the U.S. takes in

Empower states to take more control in federal programs

Consolidate government agencies to promote efficiency and cut waste

Small Business

Grow Businesses through tax reform

Lessen government presence in job growth

Protect businesses from harmful union policies and practices

Implement a more efficient health care plan that contains cost and improves care

Barak Obama



Produce natural gas in the U.S.

Expand oil production in the U.S.

Invest in clean energy sources


Prevent increase in federal student loan rates

Use incentives to keep good teachers in the classroom

Give states the ability to create their own reform plans

Invest in community colleges

Create Jobs

Eliminate tax breaks for companies shipping jobs overseas

Create incentives for businesses to bring jobs back to America

Ensure that American will not have to bail out big banks

Revive U.S. manufacturing jobs

Tax Policy

Cut taxes for working Americans

Families with a household income of more than $1,000,000 will not pay a smaller share than middle-class families

Health Care

End insurance company abuses

Strengthen Medicare by lowering the coast of services, prescription drugs, and premiums

Allow women greater access to personal healthcare

Small Business

Cut taxes for small businesses

Support entrepreneurs

Reduce government regulations that hurt small businesses

Help small business exporters


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