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Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you what you need to put on an event. If you need some extra cash for an event which will have a campus wide impact, you’ve come to the right place! It’s time for Program Grants. A Program Grant is an amount of money allotted to distribute as grants to non-FEB organizations. To get a Program Grant, the program must enhance student life while bringing something new to JMU. This grant is only available to an organization which is recognized by Office of Student Activities and Involvement and only available to the same organization every 3 semesters.

How much money can you get? Well, if only one organization is sponsoring the event, they can request up to $5,000, while two organizations can request $7,500 and three organizations can request $10,000. An FEB organization is not allowed to count as a co-sponsor.

To apply, head over to our BeInvolved Site under “documents” for the application. It will be due by 4:30 PM to the SGA Office (Taylor 203). Monday, October 29th, the applying organizations will make their presentations to the Finance Committee for approval. The final step is a presentation to Senate on October 30th for approval from the Student Senate.

If you have any questions, contact Jake Jedlicka, the Executive Treasurer. He can be contacted at or stop by the office.

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