Dukes Vote

This year is the first time many JMU Students will have the chance to vote in a Presidential Election! Now is the time for our voices to be heard, therefore, SGA is partnering up with PASO, College Democrats, College Republicans, JSSS, NSLS, and UPB to present DUKES VOTE!

Dukes Vote is a major Registration Week initiative across campus. Come by one of tables in the Commons, Warren Post Office, Festival Upper Level and the ISAT Lobby.  We will be out there Monday, October 1, through Friday, October 5, from 11:00AM-3:00PM every day! If you aren’t a Harrisonburg Resident, have no fear, you can come by and fill out an absentee ballot at any of the tables.


Monday – Commons 3/Warren/Upper Festival/ISAT Lobby
Tuesday – Warren/Upper Festival/ISAT Lobby
Wednesday – Warren/ISAT Lobby
Thursday – Warren/Upper Festival/ISAT Lobby
Friday – Commons 4/Warren/Upper Festival/ISAT Lobby

You can also go to www.longdistancevoter.org for instructions on how to

  1. Check if you are registered to vote
  2. Register to vote in your state
  3. Apply for an absentee ballot from your state

Attend our Facebook Event and tweet @SGAjmu and @SGAjmuLA! #DukesVote2012

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