Announcing Fall Minor Election Winners!

We are so excited to announce the winners of the Fall Minor Election. There was a large pool of qualified candidates, so we are really excited to see what these members have in store for us! Below are the winners for the 2016 Class Council and Area Senators.

2016 Class Council


Josh Gordon

Vice President

Michael Jacob


Ethan Best


Brianna Hogan

Area Senators

Lakeside Area Senators

  • Chad Schott
  • Megan Vankirk

Hillside Area Senators

  • Alexandra Pate
  • Suzanne Merritt

Bluestone Area Senators

  • Nicholas Stopak
  • Haley Aldridge
  • Scott Weinstein
  • Adrian Bayley

Skyline Area Senators

  • Frank Galante
  • Alexandra Deal
  • Phillipa Owusu-Antwi

Village Area Senators

  • Shirali Shah
  • Joe Demski

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