2012 Fall Elections

The Fall Elections for the Student Government Association are upon us. We are excited to elect the Class of 2016 Officers and the resident area senators. To vote on Thursday, September 13, there are few things to know.

  1. Voting is from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Thursday.
  2. Voting is taking place on Beinvolved. The link will appear in a banner on the main screen.
  3. To vote, you must be logged in. Logging in just requires your e-ID and password (the same one you use for MyMadison and Blackboard).

Who are you voting for? Well below is a complete list of candidates!


  • Adam Parker
  • Andy Long
  • Arlen (Kathy) Corena
  • Bradley Cohen
  • Holland Cooper
  • Jason Mann
  • Joseph Straub
  • Joshua Gordon
  • Timothy Mulligan

Vice President

  • Carly Munn
  • Felicia Knise
  • Michael Jacob
  • Ryan Windels


  • Brianna Hogan
  • Robert Smith


  • Brenna Cashen
  • Christopher Medrano
  • Ethan Best
  • Taylor Brusky

Hillside Senators

  • Alexandra (Alex) Pate
  • Suzanne Merritt

Skyline Senators

  • Alexandra (Ally) Deal
  • Frank Galante
  • Philipa Owusu-Antwi

Lakeside Senator

  • Chad Schott

Bluestone Senators

  • Haley Aldridge
  • Nicholas Stopak

Village Senator

  • Shirali Shah

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