Get Ready!

The time to return to Harrisonburg is almost here. Blood is running purple and excitement is mounting. However, with a return to JMU also comes a laundry list of things to complete before returning. What to do? Hopefully we can enlighten incoming students and remind returning ones.

Dorm life is part of the experience!

There is wide array of concerns to deal with. When do I move in? What do I need to buy? Can I have a car? The answers are at your fingertips. When it comes to moving in, first years are first, moving in August 21st and August 22nd, depending on theirassigned date. The transfer students are next in line, moving in on August 23rd. Finally, returning students move in on August 25th. Hopefully everything is packed up and ready for the move.

Once you know when to move in, you can deal with some of the other details. First years can’t drive on campus, but everyone else must buy their parking passes to park on campus. If you haven’t purchased your permit already, you can buy it online and pick it up from Parking Services. There is also the matter of books, as JMU is an education institution first. If you don’t know what books to buy, log on to MyMadison and head over your schedule. There is a button which says “Buy my Books.” This will allow you to see the books you need, whether you buy them from sites such as Chegg or Amazon, or if you want to purchase them through the bookstore, and pick them up once you get there. Don’t forget to pack any pens, pencils, packs of paper, or binders you may need.

What else could be left to do? If you are a first year, remember to complete your preface. It is a great introduction into life as a college student. Also make sure you have your laundry hamper, twin XL sheets, shower caddies and all other necessities of dorm life. It is also nice to have command strips and tack to put up anything you might want to hang. Part of making a dorm room feel like home is decorating it. Your time in a dorm will be some of the best moments of your life.

It is important to make a dorm room feel like home!

It is time to dig out your JAC card, purple, black or yellow, pack up your car, and drive to the greatest school on earth! Remember to come with an open mind. For the first years, the world is your oyster, or some cliché which is totally applicable. The next four years (or more) are what you make of them. Come ready to have the best 1787 orientation possible, you only get one shot at it. For transfers, we are glad you decided to join the family, and to everyone else, WELCOME BACK! The new academic year can bring new possibilities: new classes, new friends, new organizations to join and new experiences to be had. We are the Dukes of JMU and ready to return to it!


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