What I Like About JMU!

Right around finals week, it seemed like the summer would never come. As we filled out the scantrons and wrote the essays, dreams of Sun, sand and sleep filled our thoughts. When the day came to leave, tears were shed, but yet, we were still excited. Excited to have a break, get to work, or simply see family and friends. Now we’ve been away from JMU for about a month, and our dreams are shifting. At night, visions of streamers in Bridgeforth, sunny days on the Quad, and Late Night Breakfast fill our heads. What are we to do? While it is a great idea to cherish the days we have off, we can still think ahead. Before we know it, August will be here. We will pack back up and head to Harrisonburg, our home away from home. Most of all, we can think of what we like about JMU.

What do you like about JMU? What is your favorite aspect about JMU? Is it enjoying the Quad? Do you miss having such great food made for you? How about spending time with friends? Do you love the football games or every day spirit? Let us know! Pick your favorite part of JMU, and if we missed something, we’d love to hear about it!


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