Waiting to be Back at JMU– Lauren Holder

My mother and I on Memorial Day Weekend. Nags Head, NC

Summer is finally here and while I miss JMU more than I can say, and count down the days until we return, it has been wonderful to just relax at home in Richmond. True, some of that relaxing time is taken up by my waitressing job at Johnny Rockets, where I get to wear a bowtie and dance for customers, but a few trips to the James River and a long Memorial Day Weekend with my family in the Outer Banks of North Carolina were the perfect way for me to finally get the relaxing time I needed after a long semester! Watching the sunsets every night off the top balcony of my family’s cottage was breathtaking, and reminded me of the sunsets I’ve watched at Festival after some of our Student Government senate meetings every Tuesday.

Kite Surfers at Sunset. Nags Head, NC near Jockey’s Ridge

I’ve made plans to visit friends that are unfortunately far away from Richmond, the farthest being one of my closest SGA friends Courtney, who lives in Mount Olive, New Jersey. Braving the Amtrak train into Newark is no small feat, but if it means being able to see some of my JMU friends I can’t wait!

I love watching current high school seniors (especially future dukes!) get ready to graduate. I remember being in their shoes last year and can’t believe how much I’ve experienced in a year. I’m so excited for them to begin their college journey, and if they have half the fun I’ve had this year, they are in for a real treat.

Looking towards the upcoming semester I can’t wait to return to my second home, especially since I will be returning as a First yeaR Orientation Guide (FROG) and President of the class of 2015.  Being a FROG is something I knew I wanted to do since I stepped foot on this campus, and our spring training made me wish I didn’t have to wait so long for the first years to move in. I may actually be more excited than they are!

It’ll be wonderful to get back to work on class council events in the fall. Ring Premiere for the Class of 2015 is upon us, and I look forward to working with an amazing team and getting together a committee for the event! We had some very successful events last year like Student Engagement Week, Purple Out, and How To Be Successful At JMU, and I hope that we can keep the trend going with even more events that benefit the student body. I’d love to get out on the Commons more to get ideas and give information to students. Even better, we’ll have a whole new batch of SGA members in the fall and I can’t wait to meet them and hear their ideas for JMU!

So even though there are exactly 1868.65 hours left until I return to JMU from the time that I am writing this (thanks to my countdown app), I have plenty to look forward to in the coming months that makes the wait bearable!

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