Announcing: Minor Elections WINNERS

The counts are in, and people have accepted their positions for Class Councils and College Area senators.  Listed below are the positions that will be YOUR voice for the next academic year.  Be on the look out for At-Large applications soon as well.
Senior Class Council:
 President–Meredith Wood
Vice President–Nadia Masroor
Treasurer–Annamarie Frost
Secretary–Caitlin Phillips
Junior Class Council:
President–Griffith Ridgway
Vice President–Justin Tarbell
Secretary –Amberlee Taylor
Sophomore Class Council:
President–Lauren Holder
Vice President–Kaitlin Thomas
Secretary–Rachel Francis
Treasurer–Rachel Fisher
Academic College Senators
 College of Arts and Letters
 Aaron Brown
Chris Hook
Jessica Morris
David Scala
Ben Copper
Rahath Alam
 College of Education
Megan Willis
College of Visual and Performing Arts
Laura Wilkins
 College of Integrated Science and Technologies
Tyler LedDuke
Adnan Al-Karagholi
Cameron Young
John Smith
Allie Herold

College of Business
Nick Maggio
Nora Linkous
Kyle Prestel
Garret Hansen
College of Science and Math
Rania Sheikh


Jeff Blevins
Courtney Herb
Campbell Keyser
Kenya Pennington
McKenzie Quinn

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