Announcing: Staff Positions Available

With our newly elected excutive council in place, the time has come to hire the staff to help with the day-to-day tasks of running the organization.  Below, you will find each available postion and a link to the application. Completed applications should be brought to Taylor 203.

We are still accepting applications for Director of Information Technology, Executive Assistant, and Parliamentarian. Check out their position descriptions and application.

Chief of Staff: This position is newly created and accepted into our constitution!  The purpose of the chief of staff is to facilitate the mission of the Executive Council through the Executive Staff. This position works closely with the Student Body President. He/She shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Executive Council and act as a liaison to the Executive Council for the Executive Staff. He/She shall delegate all Executive Staff responsibilities equally and appropriately among the Executive Staff.

**Director of Information Technology:  The Director of Information Technology (DIT) is responsible for developing and updating the SGA website.  The DIT, who is a member of the SGA Executive Staff, must attend executive council meetings. Additionally, he/she is responsible for the management and upkeep of all SGA-owned technology, i.e. computers, printers, tvs and iPads.  The DIT also advises the organization on recommended technology purchases and assists the organization with technology acquisition and implementation.  He/She will ensure the Student Senate meeting minutes and attendance are posted on the website.  The DIT position must hold three office hours per week.**

Director of Membership Development: The purpose of the DMD is to educate the first-year senators and representatives and provide leadership opportunities for all members of SGA. The DMD has the responsibility to work collaboratively with members of the Executive Council to plan retreats and organize meetings. The DMD has the responsibility to bring in guest speakers, provide leadership activities and bonding opportunities for senate.  As DMD, it is your responsibility to create these leadership & bonding opportunities and to serve as a role model to the first year members.

Director of Public Relations: The Director of Public Relations serves as the press secretary for the organization.  He/She shall be responsible for forming relationships with all media outlets that provide coverage for the JMU Student Government, i.e. The Breeze, student publications, The Daily News Record, etc.  The DPR will control all of the Student Government Association social media pages and accounts, i.e Facebook, Twitter, the SGA Blog and Website.  They will also coordinate content with the JMU Office of Public Affairs.

**Executive Assistant: The Executive Assistant of the Student Government Association serves as the secretary of the organization, and is in fact “the organization behind the organization.” He/She is responsible, but not limited to serving as the office manager and organizer, taking minutes in Executive Council and Senate meetings, creating the databases, will be nuts and bolts certified, responsible for a large number of the room reservations with Events & Conferences, making and updating records binders, maintaining blackboard, sending out inter-organizational emails and updating the office calendars.**

**Parliamentarian: The Parliamentarian is in charge of making the final ruling on all issues of constitutionality that arise during SGA meetings. He/She is not a member of Senate or the Executive Council, but is required to attend all senate meetings. The Parliamentarian is the consultant to both bodies on issues pertaining to the SGA Constitution and Bylaws, in addition to Robert’s Rules of Order. The Parliamentarian must hold a Parliamentary Procedure Workshop for all new and returning senators and representatives.**

That’s all of them! Remember, applications need to be in to Taylor 203 by 5pm.  You also need to be available on Thursday April 12th from 6pm-10pm for interviews. Make sure you dress to impress!

Questions, concerns? Email Kelly Johnson at and she can help you out. Good luck!


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