Announcing: Minor Elections Candidates

With major elections over and done, we move on to electing each class council position as well as the college senator seats.  Class Council positions are president, vice president, treasurer and secretary for the rising sophomore to the rising senior class (freshman are elected in the Fall).  Their jobs include planning educational and entertaining events for not only their class, but the entire university.  They interact directly with the Executive Vice President to perform their job tasks.  They also have a voting voice in the Senate.

College senators are the acting voice for their constituents.  They are the voting members of the Senate and are the ones who keep YOU in mind when they make decisions.  Senators also serve on specialized committees internally that are assigned by the Speaker of the Senate at the beginning of the Fall semester.  Each college has a varied number of seats that need to be filled and each year senators must be re-elected in their respective colleges. In order to be elected, senators must receive votes from THEIR college. For example, someone running for an Arts and Letters seat, cannot receive a vote from an ISAT major.

  • College of Arts and Letters: 6 seats
  • College of Business: 5 seats
  • College of Integrated Science and Technology: 8 seats
  • College of Science and Mathematics: 3 seats
  • College of Visual and Performing Arts: 2 seats
  • College of Education/IDLS: 1 seat
  • Graduate Seats: 2 seats

As of right now, these are the individuals who are OFFICIALLY CAMPAIGNING for their position through the elections commission. Others may be doing a write-in campaign and have the same chance of being elected.

 Class Council:
-Meredith Wood Senior Class President
-Nadia Masroor Senior Class Vice President
-Annamarie Frost Senior Class Treasurer
-Caitlin Phillips Senior Class Secretary
-Lauren Holder Sophomore Class President
-Kaitlin Thomas Sophomore Class Vice President
-Rachel Francis Sophomore Class Secretary


-Daniel Baker CAL Senator
-Rahath Alam CAL Senator
-Aaron Brown CAL Senator
-Chris Hook CAL Senator
-Jessica Morris CAL Senator
-David Scala CAL Senator
-Robert Benjamin Copper CAL Senator
-Megan Willis COE Senator

Make sure you VOTE  on Wednesday (April 4) beginning at 7am until Thursday (April 5) at 7pm. 

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