Senior Goings On–Rheanna Martino

Dear Seniors,

Much as we don’t like to admit it, the sudden arrival of spring means more than sunny days spent on the Quad, nights spent enjoying rooftop restaurants and the soon to be summer weather bringing on vacations and beach days. This year, the arrival of spring means the fast approaching culmination of our years of hard work here at JMU. That’s right: graduation is coming. (To lessen the pain, let’s just call it the “G” word, okay?)

 Trust me—I hate saying it more than you hate hearing it. There is nothing fun about counting down the days until we part ways with our home of four years. But look at it this way: if we’re only here for a short time, we better make it a good time, right?

There are a lot of important (and fun!) things coming up in the next few weeks to not only prepare us for the big day but also to help celebrate the time we have left.  Below you will find details on some of these events as well as resources where you can find out even more.

April 2nd-6th: Bookstore Grad Fair

The annual Grad Fair is your one stop shop for all things related to the “G” word.  While it may not sound appealing, this is a vital week for all seniors. During this week you can order your cap, gown, hood, tassel and all other important things for the big day. Worried you don’t know what you need? Thankfully there will be an experienced team available to ensure that you select the correct regalia to be perfectly dressed come May 5th. If you go to the bookstore during this week, you are guaranteed to leave with everything you need; no need to wait or order, it’s all guaranteed to be there (if you go after this week, there is no definite on how long it will take to get everything).

For those who are unsure, let me clarify once and for all: all caps and gowns this year, despite popular belief, are purple. 100% JMU purple. Did you order on-line and think you ordered a black one? Don’t worry; the website uses the black outfit for its display on the page (it’s easier than specifying for each school). It’s also okay if you ordered online; you’ll get the same outfit as the rest of us.

Aside from caps and gowns and all, there will be other senior-related things available, too. You will be able to look at the official JMU Class of 2012 Rings and place an order if you never had the chance before, check out diploma frames and get a sneak peek at some of the Alumni apparel (there’s that dreaded ‘A’ word…) that will be on sale for those of us who will soon be crossing into the post-grad world. As scary as it sounds, remember that you’re one of approximately 4,000 who are going through this all. Make a new friend or bring the ones you’ve cherished since your first days here. Either way, embrace this rite of passage that comes with being a Duke.

Graduation’s no fun. What kind of fun things are going on for the Senior Class?!

There are a lot of events lined up in the next few weeks that will allow us to celebrate the end of this chapter of our lives. Ranging from countdown nights to sporting events, there are tons of opportunities for enjoyment such as final study breaks, focus groups sponsored by the Duke Club, the Senior Picnic and the Candle Lighting ceremony.  

For more details on these events and more, check out the Senior Class Events schedule on the Alumni Office’s Website. Or, for daily updates you can follow @SGAjmu2012 and @SGAjmu on Twitter.

 You can also continue to purchase senior shirts. The last day to place an order will be Monday April 16th. You can come by Taylor 203 anytime between now and then (daily from 10am-4pm) to place your order.

These next few weeks will be bittersweet ones for sure. There is no denying that we will miss this place, but it’s only natural to feel the excitement and hope of starting a new chapter of our lives, much like we did when we were on our way to start our JMU careers. Rather than spend our days longing sadly for more time, let’s celebrate all that we have left. Remember—we’re not here for a long time, so let’s make it a good time.

Best wishes in your last weeks here. And Go Dukes!

-Rheanna Martino

Class of 2012 President

P.s. Have a question, comment or concern? Email Rheanna at

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