What Chick-fil-a and Bacon Have in Common

This past semester, members of the JMU community were a little upset when Burger Junction decided to start charging for bacon on their burgers. Therefore, the Student Services committee within SGA decided to tackle the issue and came up with a logical solution with the help of JMU dining..FREE BACON FRIDAY!

Friday February 24 the Burger Studio in both Festival and Market One will be offering free bacon for those who ask for it.

This is the first time, and potentially the only time this is happening, so take advantage of the opportunity. Bacon lovers unite! Spread the word, make countdowns, do whatever you need to do to let everyone know this is happening. The better the response, the easier it will be for us to tell dining about. Not a bacon fan? Not to worry, Chick-fil-a comes into play right about now…

In order to kick off the newest way to raise money for your organization, Chick-fil-a is having SGA members serve patrons on campus this Friday, February 24, from 2-5pm. Organizations can apply for the chance to work a “Spirit Night” the same way in which they would for a concessions night.  Since SGA is front end budgeted, we cannot take any proceeds so Chick-fil-a has agreed to donate to the Blue Ridge Food Bank instead. These nights will occur once a month, and is a great opportunity to fundraise for your organization.

So regardless of if you are an avid bacon lover, of if you are trying to “Eat mor chikin,” this Friday has something for you. Brought to you by the members of Student Services! Want more updates on what they are doing around on campus? Follow them on twitter: @JMUStuds

2 thoughts on “What Chick-fil-a and Bacon Have in Common

  1. Carter Wells

    Friday February 26….when you wrote this did you not look at the picture located 2 inches below it? and I am so excited to get what I got every day last year one single day this year, hooray SGA, way to make moves

    1. sgajmu Post author

      The reason the Chick-fil-a logo is in the post is because both of these events are happening the same day. Plus, not everyone enjoys bacon and may prefer chicken. But we are really happy you are excited about the free bacon! Tell everyone you know.


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