Bus and Transportation Survey Results–Andrew Luethke

A few weeks ago we sent out a bulk email with a transportation survey attached.  724 of you gave us responses and our Student Services committee has taken the data to Harrisonburg Transit to make the changes YOU want. Take a look at some of the numbers and the conclusions we drew from them.  Feel free to comment if you have a question, or feel as though something has been left out.

Statistics and Analysis

  • The majority of respondents believed their experience with the bus system to be “positive”, with 65% of respondents having a good experience with JMU public transportation.


  • Most JMU respondents reiterated a heavy reliance on the bus system, up to 41% of respondents stated that they took the bus up to 4 times a week.

  • When asked about buses being late, there was an overwhelming majority that said their bus is late “2-5 times a week”, with 54% of the sample population.
  • Some respondents also reiterated that the bus was “never” late, rounding out with almost 10% of the sample.

  • The most frequently used routes were both ICS routes followed by Convo express.
  • Many students were quick to recommend more routes in general, especially ICS, which is in great demand with the student body.

So while that was a lot of numbers, there is also a lot of great information in there.  If you want constant updates, follow @JMUstuds on Twitter!


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