Assessment Day, on Valentines Day?

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a special someone to share Valentines Day with (or even if you don’t), participating in assessment day is not high on your list of things to do.  And understandably so. You have better things to do than actually try on a test that doesn’t count towards your GPA. Plus, who wants to sit in a room for 3 hours and take a test that has nothing to do with your education?

Common misconception.  Assessment day is a HUGE deal! This day helps JMU understand and improve the quality of education that is being offered. You want your degree to mean something when you leave here right? Well, this test allows administrators to critically view areas that can be strengthened or maintained.  Additionally, the Commonwealth of Virginia mandates that all state universities assess student learning.

This “test” is very similar to the one that you took as an incoming freshman, and your results from that test will be compared to the results from this one to ensure that you are actually learning something.

During these assessments, students are tested on their knowledge in one of the general education areas of history, science, mathematics, or fine arts. In addition, a students may also complete tests measuring critical thinking, cultural knowledge, intellectual and personal development.

Not sure if you have to participate in assessment day? Well, check out this informational page that will give you everything you need.

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