New Semester. Bring it On.

Coming back from our respective homes, vacations, and lives outside of JMU reality has set in and classes have begun.  Whether you are a returning Freshman or a final semester senior, the push to get back into the groove can be problematic.

Some things to consider as you get through the final days of syllabus week that might help to get you back in your routine sooner:

  • Professors tell you this all the time, but it’s really true, find (or make) a friend in your class that you can study with and help keep each other accountable during the semester.
  • START EARLY! One of the biggest problems you can have as a student is getting behind in your work. If your class is divided into “units”, print out all the readings for that unit and put the date of when they are supposed to be read on the top that way you don’t forget.
  • SLEEP: you know that the semester will pick up in a few weeks, so until then, get enough sleep.  You’ll help fight off sickness as well as be mentally prepared for that 8am class you have on Monday mornings.
  • Find a routine and stick to it. The most success comes from being persistant.
  • Study in the same place throughout the semester. Don’t expect to sleep in Carrier or ECL the week of finals and think you will do well.  If you have an area you can be productive in, utilize it for the semester.
  • Become known to your professor. Some classes are too large to have a personal relationship, but they prefer to know you have a problem sooner than later so they can help you out.  Office hours and emails are great for that.

Go to class, make sure you are balancing a social life and your academic, and you’ll be just fine.  Have any other tips you think your fellow Dukes can benefit from? Comment here! Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter @SGAjmu and like us on Facebook.


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