SGAjmu: A Year in Review (Well, a Semester at Least)

Fall 2011 brought a lot of changes for our organization. We brought in enough new members to swell our numbers to 84 (including some new staff), changed the way we Purpled Out, elected new Mr. and Ms. Madisons, engaged you all in SEW, remembered our fallen Dukes, elected a new university President, held the door open, lit up a holiday tree and then made it through finals week and December graduation. And that was just the major events!

Lets take a month by month look at our semester and see exactly what was accomplished.

-We gained interest through Student Org Night  in Convo.
-Had our minor elections for Freshman class council, area representatives, and senators.
PURPLED OUT with a system that you all gave great feedback on.
-Elected a Mr. and Ms. Madison and had Homecoming!

-Planned and executed Student Engagement Week (SEW) where we asked your top 3 issues in-person.
-For the whole week we received an amazing 3,722 responses.
-The top 3 issues came down to:
1. Transportation
2. Financial Aid and
3.  Technology
-We made sure you knew about the change from e-campus to MyMadison and provided ways for you to become acquainted with the new system.

-Gave out information on how to vote in the National Elections.
-Served you in D-Hall.
-Told you about free speech on JMU’s campus.
Program Grant Night.
-Hosted All Together One to remember our lost Dukes.
-Elected a new university President Jon Alger.

-Brought some holiday cheer to the Quad with the Class of 2013 tree lighting ceremony.
Madison Forever, hold the door open campaign.
– Finalized contacts for SEW results help.
Finals and December graduation

Within all of these events, major or minor, the entire organization was committed to the success of each. YOU the student body are who we are here to serve and we keep that in mind with everything that we do.  With spring semester approaching, we want to make it as amazing as we possibly can, and have the plans to do so.

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