Helpful Finals Info

With some people’s finals beginning tomorrow, we thought we would take the time to give you some last minute links and helpful information to get you prepared:

  1.  Need to know WHEN your finals are happening? Not all professors tell you the right day on your syllabus. Check out this link to make sure you have the correct date and time. Also, if the date is different, EMAIL your prof to double check.
  2. Need an extra cram session? BOTH Carrier and East Campus Libraries will be open for 24 hours during finals week.  Be sure to book a study room if you want some quiet time, or you need to work with a group.
  3. Need a late night snack to power you through a study sesh? JMU Dining has select locations open 24 hours for your convenience, such as Starbucks and Top Dog. And other places have late night hours as well.
  4. Need help with that final paper, speech, or presentation? University writing center has some experienced staff to help you in whatever situation you are in.  You can make as many appointments as you need to get the best grade you can.  Take advantage of them! They often see things you might not.
  5. Need to relax before you take a test? UREC has massages you can book for as little as $35 for a half hour! Also, UPB is sponsoring a FREE relaxation station on FRIDAY DEC. 9th in Transitions from 8-12p.

All in all, the best thing you can do is be prepared.  You’ve been doing well all semester, so don’t freak out too much.  Get some sleep, hang out with your friends, and enjoy your last few days at JMU before the holidays.

You got this Dukes!

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