Need Some Finals Study Tips?

As finals are fast approaching, it is easy to get overly stressed and confused on how to handle everything on your “to-do” list for the next week. As the freshman class officers we talked to our older SGA members and asked them how they survived finals over the past few years.

  • “Try to “teach” your parents, friends or anyone who will listen about the class. Explaining the concepts will really help you find what you understand already and what you still need to study.” – Alicia Pettis
  • “Don’t oversleep a final. Seriously. Go to sleep at a normal hour of the night before so you don’t sleep through the alarm.” -Liz Ramirez
  • “Start studying at least 2 days in advance. It helps to feel confident in what you know.” -Nora Linkous
  • “Never take an exam on an empty stomach. A bagel from Einstein’s is the perfect brain food to hold you over especially for an early morning exam time!” -Morgan Shaughnessy
  • “Utilize Student Resources Centers like the Math and Science in Roop and the Writing and Communication in Wilson.” -Matt Klein
  • “Download the “self control” app on your laptop. Ban Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc that could possibly distract you.” -Nikki Bologna
  • “Drink lots of water and exercise. All the extra blood flow will help your memory.” -Alicia Pettis
  • “Carrier and ECL are always great, but always crowded. Places Like TDU have extended hours.” -Collin Russell
  • “Re-check the time and place of where your exam is the night before.” -Matt Klein


Just to add a few of our own,

  • Seek advice from upperclassmen, just like we did. They are full of helpful tips to get you through this next week
  • Don’t forget that there is free food all over campus late at night, keeping yourself healthily fed is important
  • Libraries and Top Dog Starbucks are open 24 hours during finals week
  • Just relax (UPB is even helping out with this by having a Relaxation Station on Friday. Check out the Facebook event page).

It’s important to keep yourself calm and focused, so turn off Facebook, get some rest, and hit the books. Start studying several days before your exam, and make a to-do list! Best of luck on your finals, and have a wonderful (and relaxing!) work-free break!

Much love,

Pat, Lauren, Kaitlin, and Rachel

Freshman Class Officers

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