Do You Want More Financial Aid? Join the Campaign!

In 2009-2010 in-state public college students borrowed over $657 million dollars to pay for college.  Students here at JMU borrowed over $46 million dollars.  That’s crazy–and these numbers are going up.  Almost all of us need help paying for college.  If you want more financial aid, sign this petition. Want the online version? Click here!
Virginia21, a college student advocacy group in Richmond that the SGA supports, is running a campaign called “What’s Your Number?” The campaign is to get students to talk about how much debt we have so we can show how much help we need.  In January, the General Assembly in Richmond is going to debate how much money the state invests in JMU, other colleges, and financial aid. Next year, the state is going to be short financial aid funding by almost $200 million.
We need as many people from JMU as possible to join the “What’s Your Number?” campaign.  Virginia21 and students from all of the colleges are going to deliver these signatures to our representatives when they are talking about the budget, so they know we need help.

Twitter Town Hall/Campaign Announcement — December 8 @ 12PM — 

To formally announce the campaign, they are going for unconventional.  Instead of a press conference, they thought to involve more people by announcing the “What’s Your Number?” over twitter.  This way  grabbing the attention of the pres,s the Governor, and other General Assembly members will happen simultaneously. Imagine if you are a reporter or an elected official and suddenly you are getting hundreds of tweets telling you to read a letter that almost 5,000 people have signed….that’ll certainly get their attention.
Here is the lists of reporters and elected officials to follow and tweet at on Dec. 8.
Want to talk to some of the other Universities involved? Here is their Twitter list.
The petition is just getting started — 
So far we are at 5,000 signers.  That’s incredible, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we can do.
So many people are touched by student debt, and so many people need help paying for college.  This effort has the potential to run like crazy.  We need everybody to start talking to more people.  Here is the petition again, so print it out, take it to your classes, take it to club meetings, and everywhere.

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