Madison Forever is a Madison Tradition

For today’s families, paying for college is an increasingly difficult challenge.  The economy remains volatile, un-employment remains a stubborn low percentage and at the same time, federal and state governments are cutting grants and other support options.  Alumni and friends who want to hold the door open to the Madison Experience for students in financial need can do so through Madison Forever.

For many who have the desire, ambition, and talent to obtain a college education, the door remains closed due to financial difficulty.  Often, students are lacking just the last few dollars to make ends meet.  Madison Forever is a permanent program to give the financial aid officers the flexibility to help students with the greatest financial aid possible.

Madison Forever is all about awareness.  Being aware of those in need and helping them out.  It’s all about “holding the door open” for the students that are coming to JMU, already at JMU or have left JMU and need the extra support monetarily.


Giving to Madison Forever is easy, donate online or by calling the toll-free number: 855-568-4483.


2 thoughts on “Madison Forever is a Madison Tradition

    1. sgajmu Post author

      Ms. Riley,
      There are discussions in the works to potentially make the shirts available to alum, but currently they were just for today. If something changes we will report it here as well as the official James Madison Facebook page. Thank you for your interest!


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