Student Engagement Week Results Are IN!

After the success of Student Engagement Week (SEW) in October, we have finally confirmed our results. To analyze our findings, Executive Assistant Nora Linkous met briefly with the Center for Assessment and Research Studies (CARS). Although CARS does not normally receive requests from student groups or organizations, they were willing to briefly check our methods of analyzing the data for accuracy.

Over the five days that the Student Government Association (SGA) was around campus collecting surveys, we received 3,722 responses. This was much larger than we anticipated and hoped for. With this success, SGA felt that it was appropriate to use two methods for calculating the top three issues that the students of James Madison thought impacted the University most.

The first method was to simply find the percentage of surveys that had each issue ranked in the top three. For our second method, we weighted the totals based on the rank they received for the surveys. As shown below, the two methods gave us the same results except second and third place flipped. Even with this transposition, the top three issues were firmly solidified as Transportation, Financial Aid, and Dining Services.

So what will this all mean for the student body? The whole purpose of this week long engagement with the students has been to clarify the pressing and important issues that the university is facing this year. With that goal in mind, SGA plans to go through the year with an emphasis on these issues and produce no less than one proposal per topic. Organization and committee members have been designated to collaborate with administrators to make this as efficient and effective as possible. We would like to thank all of those students that participated in the survey for making Student Engagement Week such a success.

For any further information of SEW, please contact Executive Assistant, Nora Linkous at

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