John Alger Announced as JMU’s 6th President. Welcome to the Family!

As a JMU student, we rarely get the opportunity to see Presidential changes.  But that might be because there have only been 5 (now 6) in the HISTORY of the University. Being apart of such a monumental change was empowering as an individual, and made me feel like I belonged to something big.  While the meeting  was formal, the mood of the room was excited and ready.

The meeting progressed with speeches from the Rector of the Board of Visitors explaining the process of selecting the new President.  He was very informative and gave praise to Dr. Rose’s term in office while explaining that John Alger was going to be the perfect predecessor to what Rose had accomplished in his time.

While in the official meeting, Twitter was a blaze with students, alum and local Harrisonburg members alike, praising the newest addition to the JMU family.

Student Body President Pat Watral is excited to welcome the newest member of the JMU family and had these words to say:

“First of all, thank you to everyone who has welcomed our President-Elect to the community, such a warm welcome is a display of the incredible JMU spirit. President-Elect Alger made a good first impression on me.  His commitment to advancing JMU’s influence and plans to elevate this university to become a “national model of what it means to be an ‘engaged’ university” are exciting.  Likewise, when Rector Hartman of the Board of Visitors mentioned JMU’s distinctive institutional culture I spied Alger nodding appreciatively from his seat.  This to me is another good sign and I look forward helping introduce our ‘distinctive’ student body to our new President.”

As an organization, SGA would like to thank the Board of Visitors for their role in the process as well as the Selection Committee. Both groups provided their time, energy and support throughout this historic time, and we are grateful to them for that.

For all information about the Presidential search, our newest President, and all things involved in the process, click here.  See the video of the whole meeting here.


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