Program Grant Night!

One of the biggest nights in the SGA year is tonight.  We as an organization, have the ability to give specific organizations thousands of dollars to help them put on one of their big events.  Program Grants allow organizations on campus to put on a truly spectacular event for the JMU and Harrisonburg community.  Often times without the additional money from SGA, the events wouldn’t be possible.

The Process:

By submitting an extensive application to the Executive Treasure, organizations tell us where the extra funds will be allocate to, where they could potentially get external funds (i.e. fundraising) and what the event is they are planning.  The applications are then sent to the Finance Committee within SGA and are reviewed, potentially edited, and voted upon.  If the grant passes through Finance, it is presented in front of Senate for approval.  Senate has the ability to change anything Finance has approved, as well as overturn the Finance decision with a 2/3 vote.  Finally, the Executive Board makes the decision to keep the Senate vote, or overturn it.

The Organizations and their Event:

  1. VA Bio: “Speed Networking” students will learn how to network, practice networking and hear about life post-graduation from a discussion panel.
  2. Mozaic Dance Team: “Coalescence 3rd Annual Weekend” both a showcase and a workshop featuring dance teams from DC, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and areas.
  3. Relay For Life: “Relay for Life” participants walk around a track for 12 hours symbolizing that cancer never sleeps.  There are several forms of entertainment throughout the night and funds go towards American Cancer Society.
  4. Student Greater Madison, Habitat for Humanity, National Society of Leadership and Success: “The Big Event” a campus-wide day of community service where thousands of students will be sent into Harrisonburg in teams to complete tasks.
  5. JMU Breakdance Club, JMU Invisible Children: “Circles 13” seeks to promote the four original arts of hip-hop with life DJs, a graffiti expo, freestyle MC battles, king of the cypher (community all-style dance) battles, and 4 v. 4 crew battles.

If you want to hear the debate tonight, head over to Festival Highlands room at 5:15p and see where the money goes! There are a lot of great causes, and limited funds, so it should be interesting.

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