Godwin Bus Accident

WHSV, the local news channel, has released the following information to the public as of roughly 9:30am on November 16, 2011:

“James Madison University spokesperson Don Egle has confirmed that a person was killed by a bus on James Madison University’s campus on Tuesday night.  Egle would not release the identity or the gender of the victim. He would not release whether the victim was a JMU student.  The person was hit by the bus at about 10:40 p.m. at Carrier Drive and Bluestone Drive.  Virginia State Police Sgt. Frank Ingham tells WHSV that the City of Harrisonburg Department of Transportation bus was making a left hand turn onto Carrier Drive from Bluestone.  Ingham says the bus had a green light when the accident happened.  A pedestrian wearing dark colored clothing was struck and run-over by the bus.  That person died on the scene.  The driver of the bus has been identified as Katherine Deavers, 56, of Hinton.  Egle says JMU police and Virginia State Police will team a joint investigation into the incident.” click here for the story on WHSV’s site.

All we can do during this tragic time is be there for each other.  Realize that we are a strong family and are always there for one another.  We are planning a candlelight vigil for this evening location in the Convocation Center at 9:30pm.  Check the Facebook event for exact details once they’ve been released.  Since we will be indoors, please utilize artificial light instead of open flames.

With so much tragedy happening with JMU’s community, keep a close eye on your friends.  Mourning occurs in different ways for everyone, but make sure that if someone seems to be having a more difficult time than you think is normal, reach out to them.  Utilize the resources on campus.  Just be there for them.  Today we are all Dukes and we always will be.

Click HERE for access to JMU’s Varner House services.

Click HERE for access to JMU’s Health Center.

For up to date information, follow @TheBreezeJMU @SGAjmu @JMU and @WHSVnews on Twitter, check back here, look at Facebook, just seek out accurate information from valid source.

2 thoughts on “Godwin Bus Accident

    1. sgajmu Post author

      At this moment we do not even know if the individual struck was a JMU student. As soon as more information becomes available, I will be sure to post it for all of you.


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