HIV Awareness Week

From November 14th to 16th, the Madison HIV Alliance is hosting the first ever HIV Awareness Week.  Over the course of this week there will be various events taking place on campus (all of which are FREE) in order to help raise HIV awareness as well as educate students on how to protect themselves and others.

Calendar of events:

Nov. 10th-16th: AIDS Memorial Quilt Exhibit (8 a.m.–midnight) Forbes Center: Two panels of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, including the JMU panel, will be displayed (FREE EVENT!)

Monday Nov. 14th: FREE HIV testing in Transition. (No needles, it takes less than 20 minutes and if you do it, you get a voucher for a FREE ENTRANCE TO EITHER EHALL OR DHALL!!)

Monday Nov. 14th: “An Evening with Sheryl Lee Ralph,” (7pm) Wilson Hall: As part of Madison HIV/AIDS Awareness Week, acclaimed veteran of film, television and the Broadway stage and Tony Award–nominated actress Sheryl Lee Ralph discusses the impact of the epidemic on college students and the role that young persons can play in prevention, education and stigma reduction. (FREE EVENT!)

Tuesday Nov. 15th: “Who’s Positive: The Tom Donohue Story,” 7 p.m., Festival B llroom:“Who’s Positive” is designed to offer an insight into the life of HIV–positive young persons (FREE EVENT!)

Wednesday Nov. 16th: “Advocating for Youth: HIV/AIDS in Young America,” 7 p.m. Festival Ballroom: Advocates for Youth champions efforts to help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health; the event engages students in discussion regarding personal choice, sexual risk and behavioral impacts (FREE EVENT!).  You can check out their website prior to attending.

During our time at JMU, we become well rounded, educated and enlightened citizens that better our communities and the world around us. Challenge yourself to extend that education; expand that circle of your community. Educate yourself on ways in which you as an individual can stand proud and confident in your actions, knowing you are making safe decisions.

I hope you take the time to attend some of these events and support those who have worked so hard to help better educate us as a community and make JMU an even more well-rounded and enlightening community.

In the spirit of Madison, Go Dukes!

Rheanna Martino

Class of 2012 President

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