Leaving Behind a Legacy — Nick Keatts

No one will ever understand how the passing of such a bright, talented and excited individual comes about.  Nick Keatts is no exception.  However, this is not to talk about his death, it is to remember his life.

As a fifth year senior of JMU’s Cheerleading squad, Nick was best known for his enthusiasm for the game (which ever one he happened to be supporting that day) and spirit for JMU.  Teammates remember him as part of their family as the big brother they could turn to no matter what, and his loss has left a hole in the team that will never be filled.

This Saturday against Rhode Island marks senior night for the squad, and Keatts’ mother is flying up for the first time from Texas to be apart of the afternoon.

A memorial service for Keatts is scheduled for Tuesday night in the Convocation Center for all those who wish to remember such a vibrant life.  JMU Sports has released the details here.

“Live for today for tomorrow never comes.”

Those wishing to express their condolences can utilize the Tharp Funeral Home site, as they are helping the family make arrangements.

*some information was taken from the November 7th, 2011 Breeze article written by Geogina Buckley.  Contact her at breezenews@gmail.com. For the full article, click here*

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