Apply to be an OPA (Orientation Peer Advisor)

The Orientation Office invites applicants for the Orientation Peer Adviser (OPA) position. Orientation Peer Advisers are a diverse group of undergraduate students who play a critical role in the success of JMU’s Orientation programs, which engages students in the JMU learning experience by preparing them to be active and authentic members of the university community. Orientation Peer Advisers do this by being a mentor and role model to first-year students, supervising First yeaR Orientation Guides (FROGs), providing direction and support to new students and parents, representing JMU through professional and competent behavior and accurately depicting life as a student of James Madison University.

We strongly encourage applicants of all backgrounds, programs of study, leadership experiences, involvements and interests. As an Orientation Peer Adviser, you will have an opportunity to enhance your leadership, communication and customer service skills, while making a difference in the lives of first-year students and the campus of James Madison University.

Students must attend one Information Session:

o   Tuesday November 8- 7:00pm, Showker 101

o   Thursday November 10- 6:30pm, ISAT NTelos (259)

o   Friday November 11- 11:30am, Wilson 207

o   Monday November 14- 1:15pm, Taylor 404

Applications are found online

  • Applications are due November 14th, in Wilson 113, by 5pm
  • The theme this year is Dr. Seuss!!!

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