Get Your First-Year Writing Published!


Have you written a paper you are really proud of in GWRTC 103? Want to have it published? Submit your essay to e-Vision and get noticed! e-Vision is an online publication of first-year writing. It showcases exceptional work composed by freshmen. Professors who teach GWRTC 103 use essays published by e-Vision as model writing for students.

Once you submit your piece, it will be read by a student editorial board. The 10-member board will select the pieces that are worthy of publication. After the essays are selected, the editors will work with the writers to finalize the essays for publication. Last year, e-Vision published 10 essays. Essays that are selected represent a wide variety of subjects and styles of writing. If you feel like your work deserves to get published, then send it as an attachment to For more information about e-Vision, follow this link.

Get published. Get an audience. Get read. Share your good writing with the world. Let it prompt thought, spark discussion, and inspire more good writing.


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